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Digital HR isn’t the future: it’s now

May 18, 2023 | Uncategorised

If you work in HR, some challenges are all too familiar.

Chances are you’ve moved on from a primarily paper-based system. But you may find that the disadvantages of a paper-based system are still present.

Your staff data is scattered across box files, spreadsheets, software and cloud storage. It’s all there – but it’s not easy to collate, still less to analyse.

Paperwork doesn’t have to be a dirty word – but it does have a tendency to soak up time and resources. What would you rather be doing – trawling through duplicate files to find up-to-date contract details or training up your employees and making sure their appraisals are on-point?

You’re compliant with GDPR – but heaven knows it isn’t easy. The privacy of your employees’ data is paramount, but you’re tired of cross-checking.

On top of that, you want to put your data to good use. You want to extract valuable insights about staff productivity, attendance and absence levels. And you want it to be easily presentable.

Well, luckily for you, a solution is at hand. Integrated HR management software puts all your data in one place and keeps it secure. It allows you to unlock those valuable insights – and saves you a lot of time in the process.

Digital transformation can seem like an uphill struggle. But once your software is installed and configured, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

In this article, we dive into how HR management software can realise your company’s potential.

Too much paperwork?

The first advantage of HR management software is that it puts all of your data in one place.

We’re not just talking about your staff’s contact details. We’re talking about everything from contracts to payslips, from timesheets to holiday requests.

With digital HR, paperwork can be automated. You can get the docs and signatures you need with just a few clicks – no more traipsing around the office giving everyone a nudge (and then another nudge).

You can set automated reminders so that your calendar works for you. You can stay on top of holiday requests. And you can manage staff expenses and billing with ease.

Sounds good? It gets better. By streamlining these activities, your hands are free for everything else. That means more time spent on training, appraisals, onboarding and strategy.

You know that appraisals are crucial to staff well-being and performance. But first, you have to unwind the red tape that’s fastened you to your seat.

HR management software is an easily searchable, easily editable database that does the donkey work for you.

Worried about GDPR compliance?

It’s not just that the privacy of your staff’s data is paramount. It’s also that you could be fined if you don’t tick all the boxes.

And it’s not just big players who get slapped with fines – it could be you. So the last thing you want is a paper trail that’s split between shelves, computer folders and the cloud.

You want everything in one place – and everything tightly secured. With HR management software, you can say goodbye to creaking filing cabinets and multiple versions of the same document.

By centralising data management, you can ensure that you’re in line with GDPR, protecting yourself as well as your employees.

This software is like the washing machine or the vacuum cleaner – a labour-saving device that means you can focus on other things. Secure, centralised data means a shorter to-do list and less stress on the job.

Want to make your data work for you?

Data isn’t just there as a record. It’s also a precious mineral to be mined for actionable insights.

Unlocking these insights is tricky if your operations are a jumble of spreadsheets and box files. But with an all-in-one HR management platform, you can analyse your data at the click of a button.

Digital HR allows you to quickly and accurately measure staff productivity, attendance and levels of absence as well as performance. Once management has this information in clear, presentable form, they’re well-placed to take action.

You can do the same for individual employees in the event of poor performance or a workplace dispute. The ability to create and export a performance report reduces your chances of getting bogged down in a game of “he said, she said”.

Finally, you can stay on top of contract remuneration details, payroll, billing and staff expenses. And all this data is accessible in one place, so you don’t have to flick between tabs, spreadsheets and paper documents.

Making the move to a cloud-based HR platform is more secure than a filing cabinet but also far easier to organise – and it makes the extraction and presentation of data a walk in the park.

Milners Law digital HR platform

Here at Milners Law, we don’t just provide expert, no-nonsense legal advice – we also offer our own HR software solution.

This software is cloud-based. It works on any device and from any location. It’s built for the age of hybrid working, where you need to be able to produce a report from the office, from home or from the train.

The age of hybrid working is also the age of GDPR. You want to know that your data is handled and processed securely. Migrating your operations to a cloud-based solution gives you Alcatraz levels of security.

Finally, it’s scalable. In a traditional office, expansion is literal. You have to put up new shelves and buy new box files.

With a cloud-based solution, this is a thing of the past. You can add more users painlessly in line with your company’s growth.

So if you want to save time and keep your data secure, accessible and easy to analyse, our digital HR platform may be the solution for you.

Interested in our all-in-one HR management software solution? Sign up for a free demo today and we’ll show you just how much time and stress it can save.


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