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Been unfairly treated at work? Our expert employment lawyers will fight your corner and deliver friendly, jargon-free advice.

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Workplace issues can be complicated. It’s our job to make them simple. If you’ve been unfairly treated at work, it’s easy to feel confused or overwhelmed.

We’re here to make things simple. You’ll enjoy jargon-free, no-nonsense legal advice that will help you understand your rights and plan the best way forward.

Our friendly, experienced solicitors can assist with all aspects of employment law, including workplace discrimination, unfair dismissal and whistleblowing issues. If necessary, we can help you present the strongest possible case to an employment tribunal.

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Our employment law services


Dismissal and termination of employment

Wrongful dismissal? Unfair dismissal? Constructive dismissal? If you’ve had to leave a job under unsatisfactory conditions, we can help you understand your options and build a strong case.

Disciplinary and grievance procedures

Whether you’re facing a disciplinary hearing or preparing a formal complaint against your employer, our experts are here to explain your rights and provide practical advice.

Settlement agreements

Settlement agreements are a type of binding contract that employers might offer to stop a complaint from going to a tribunal. We can assist you in preparing for negotiations or deciding whether to accept.

Restrictive covenants

Are you unsure whether to sign a contract with restrictive clauses? Or perhaps you’re thinking of breaking your contract? Either way, our lawyers can help with sensible, straightforward advice.

Workplace harassment

If you’re experiencing harassment and your employer has failed to take action, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Our tight-knit team of employment solicitors is ready to fight your corner.

Workplace discrimination

We are workplace discrimination specialists, with a proven track record for successful claims. Get in touch if you’ve suffered discrimination based on race, religion, age, disability or sex.

And more…

Don’t see your issue listed here? We’re experienced in all aspects of employment law, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Advice on changes to your terms of employment
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Directors’ service agreements
  • Gender pay gap and inequality
  • Redundancy
  • Whistleblowing issues
  • Working time regulation breaches
  • Health and safety breaches
  • Senior employee exit packages
  • Long-term sickness advice

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Here’s our simple promise: when you choose Milners, you choose top-tier legal support from friendly, skilled professionals. Our results speak for themselves.

Employment lawyers

Why Choose Us?

Get expert, friendly support when you most need it

We know that seeking legal advice can be daunting. But don’t worry – we’re here to fight your corner.

Our experienced employment solicitors pride themselves on their speed, teamwork and flexibility. We put all our strength behind your case, providing tailored help and friendly support to ensure a fast and satisfactory conclusion.

We’re a friendly bunch too. Whether you need some ad-hoc advice or simply a case update, we’ll be there to provide it.

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Frequently asked questions

What can an employment lawyer do for me?

An employment lawyer, or employment solicitor, is a legal specialist who focuses on the world of work. They deal with relationships between employers, their staff and – sometimes – trade unions.

Your employment lawyer can offer advice to help resolve disagreements and problems in the workplace. For example, they can help with claims of unfair dismissal, harassment, discrimination and negligent disciplinary procedures.

If necessary, they can also help you construct a strong case for an employment tribunal. This is a specialist legal body that deals with workplace disputes.

Is it worth getting an employment lawyer?

Workplace disagreements can be scary. As an individual, it’s easy to feel powerless against your current or former employer.

A good employment lawyer can help redress this balance. They can provide the advice and legal expertise you need to challenge your employer on a level playing field.

So if you feel like you’ve been unfairly treated at work, it’s worth considering contacting an employment lawyer. At the very least, they can advise you of your rights and help you know where you stand.

How do I find a good employment lawyer?

Choosing a solicitor is a big decision. So while we’d love you to work with us, we still recommend that you take your time and choose a law firm that’s right for you.

You might want to ask yourself, “what’s their reputation?”, “where are they based?” and “what do they specialise in?”.

The Milners employment team is made up of experienced professionals with a track record for providing clear, straight-talking advice. We can help with all aspects of employment law, with particular specialisms in workplace discrimination, redundancy, dismissal and settlement agreements.

How much does an employment lawyer cost?

At Milners, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier legal advice at a sensible price. So while fees can vary depending on the nature and complexity of your case, you shouldn’t feel intimidated by the prospect of payment.

Please get in touch for a free initial consultation, where we’ll discuss your case in detail and advise on expected fees.

A note on settlement agreements: usually, your employer is expected to pay some – or all – of your legal fees. So if you’re offered a settlement agreement, you might not have to pay anything at all.

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