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Have you suffered because of bad advice? Win the compensation you deserve with help from expert professional negligence lawyers.

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Have you suffered loss or harm because of bad professional advice? With our help, you may be able to claim compensation.

Perhaps you’ve lost money, wasted time or missed opportunities. You may even have suffered physical injury.

It’s easy to feel hopeless when this happens. But with our experience and knowledge on your side, we can start to put things right.

Our team has a track record of success for professional negligence claims. We’ve helped clients win the compensation they deserve from accountants, barristers, surveyors and more.

Many claims arise when professionals give advice outside their personal experience – or pass on the work to a colleague who lacks the necessary knowledge. Our professional negligence solicitors have years of experience in identifying when this is the case.

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Our professional negligence services

We’ve helped clients win professional negligence claims against a wide range of professionals. Here are a few examples:







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Insurance brokers

Accountants and financial advisers

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Professional negligence solicitors

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Frequently asked questions

What is professional negligence?

Professional negligence occurs when a professional fails to perform their responsibilities correctly and their client suffers unreasonable harm or loss as a result.

You might claim professional negligence, for instance, if you lose money because of bad business advice. Or if you suffer an injury because a personal trainer failed to ask about pre-existing conditions.

If you make a professional negligence claim and it’s settled in your favour, you can expect to receive financial compensation for your loss or injury.

Is professional negligence a criminal or civil action?

To answer this question, we need to explain the difference between civil law and criminal law.

Civil law covers cases between individuals, or between individuals and organisations. Criminal law relates to offences that harm society as a whole.

As professional negligence claims are typically made by a client against an individual or company, they’re considered civil actions.

In cases of extreme negligence, criminal proceedings can be brought forth. An example is the crime of gross negligence manslaughter (GNM), where a person dies because of grossly negligent actions or omissions.

What's the difference between professional negligence and professional malpractice?

There’s a fine line between professional negligence and professional malpractice – so much so, the terms are often used interchangeably.

The difference comes down to intent. When a professional makes a mistake that results in harm or loss for their client, this is considered negligence. If, however, the accused intended this harm (or at least anticipated it), then it’s considered malpractice.

How much compensation can I expect for a professional negligence claim?

Payouts for professional negligence vary considerably depending on the nature of the claim and the level of loss or injury suffered.

For example, compensation for property damage can range from £5,000 to £500,000. Damages for loss of quality of life can range from £5,000 to £1 million or more.

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